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Traffic Marshall Banksman Courses In London

Health and safety in the workplace is of vital importance to everyone from the board of directors right through to each and every employee whether sedentary at a desk or manually working indoors or outdoors. As an employer, businesses have a legal obligation to provide a safe working environment for their employees, to protect them from harm while on their premises and to provide proper training and safe working practices.

For example, in any role where you are expected to lift anything of any weight – even boxes of leaflets for sales representatives right up to labourers working with bags of plaster and plasterboard, it is the responsibility of an employer to ensure you have undergone safe manual handling training. Not only will the risk of sustaining an injury be drastically reduced but this demonstrates a commitment of the business to health and wellbeing of employees in their charge.

When working on a site there is the potential to come into contact with vehicles. Statistics show that around a quarter of deaths involving vehicles in the workplace occur during reversing and where human injury isn’t sustained other accidents often leave equipment and premises damaged. Having a Traffic Banksman/ Marshall at work – also known as traffic operative – can help to control vehicle movement and prevent accidents. Completing banksman courses in London can qualify you to direct traffic in line with HSE recommended safe practices. Traffic Marshal offers a range of courses to help guarantee the safety of your employees.

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