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Traffic Marshal (Banksman) Course

Increase your chances for employment with our half day Traffic Marshal (Banksman) Training Course.

What is a banksman?

Banksmen are operatives trained to direct vehicle movement on or around site. They are often called traffic marshals

Can we still use Banksmen for reversing vehicles?

Yes, but only if trained and authorised. There is a hierarchy of control which places segregation at the top. Banksmen should only be used in circumstances where other control measures are not possible.

How can we keep Banksman safe?

  • Ensure that they are trained and competent to direct moving vehicles
  • Provide a protected position from which they can work in safety
  • Provide distinctive ‘hi viz’ clothing for identification
  • Tell drivers that if they cannot see the Banksman they should stop immediately
  • Agree on the use of standard signals

What's the problem?

Nearly a quarter of all deaths involving vehicles at work occur during reversing. Many other reversing accidents do not result in injury but cause costly damage to vehicles, equipment and premises. Most of these accidents can be avoided by taking simple precautions which will be explained during the course.

Traffic Marshal Course Objectives

  1. Health and Safety
  2. Construction Law, regarding Traffic Management
  3. Who should be allowed on site
  4. Safety of vehicle access
  5. Hazard Analysis
  6. Risk Management for directing vehicles
  7. Identifying Dangerous Manoeuvres (reversing)
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Safeguarding pedestrians and other staff where vehicles may be reversing
  10. Demonstrating the HSE code of hand signals recommended by the HSE
  11. Legal obligations and responsibilities of employers and their employees
  12. Sersonal protective equipment (PPE)
  13. Safety signs
  14. Accident prevention
  15. How to plan the use of vehicles

Course outline

The Course will be assessed in 2 ways:

Part 1: Practical Assessment:

Individuals will demonstrate the correct knowledge for directing a vehicle

Part 2: Theoretical

Assessment and learning.
Understanding the roles of both the Driver and the Banksman.
Following a multi-choice question paper at the end of the course
Learners will be made aware of the Current Legislation (Safety signs & signals Regulations 1996)


Learners who successfully complete this course will be awarded a Traffic Banksman Training Certificate of attendance, ID card along with a HI-Vis vest and a training manual.

Future Training 4 Jobs follows and teaches the hand signals as it is recommended by the HEALTH AND SAFETY EXECUTIVE (HSE)

You’ll find the standard signals in the Health and Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 L64, or watch the video Workplace transport – Banksman’s signals


From £60.00

There are no pre-requisites to enrol on this course however candidates must have the physical ability to carry out the procedures in this course.



£ 75 /person
  • 1 Delegate
  • Certificate
  • ID Card
  • Scheduled Course Only
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Small Group

6 People
£ 70 /person
  • 6 Delegate
  • Certificates
  • ID Cards
  • Our Venue or your site
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Large Group

12 People
£ 60 /person
  • 12 Delegate
  • Certificate
  • ID Card
  • Our Venue or your site
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£ 65 /person
  • 1 Delegate
  • Certificate
  • No ID Card
  • Scheduled Course Only
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Every course includes the following benefits!

  • Certificate of training
    Every successful traffic marshal course delegate gets a certificate of training for display.
  • Identity card
    Along with you certificate you will receive a secure high quality identity card if required. This is essential when working on site and should be shown if asked.
  • HSE approved Chapter 8 Hand Signals
    The course uses HSE (Health and Safety Executive) approved hand signals. Every traffic marshal is issued with a copy to retain after the course.
  • Confirmation letter
    Once you have successfully completed the course you will be issued with a confirmation letter stating what has been covered in order to start work as a Traffic Marshal immediately.
  • The correct HI-VIS vest
    Every successful Traffic Banksman will be given a free HI-VIS vest with (Traffic Banksman) printed on the reverse to start work immediately.