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About Us

We make the UK’s workplaces safer places to work and visit

Traffic Marshal is a division of Future Training 4 Jobs, a company launched in 2011 to deliver a range of career development and employability courses to the UK’s workforce. Traffic Marshal is the arm of the company that provides high quality health and safety training to the construction industry, local authorities, and to the wider public and private sectors.

We have been working closely with Construction and Security companies to develop the perfect Traffic Marshall/Banksman Course that fits the purpose of security and general labour operatives on construction sites.

Award-winning service

Last year we trained over 6000 people to become leaders in making the UK’s workplaces safer places to work and visit. In February 2013, just two years after launching, Future Training 4 Jobs was entered in the Newspaper Society’s Local Business Accelerators (LBA) campaign As a result we won a package of mentoring support and free advertising in the Ilford Recorder.

What judges saw was not a company dogged down by corporate sound bites or empty promises, but one that delivers real value with 98% of our training outcomes achieved by learners. They saw the excellent feedback from those who attend our courses, people whose work lives were changed as they acquired the skills they needed to become better at their jobs.

They also saw the exemplary feedback from the organisations these people work for, from managers who reap the benefits in fewer workdays lost due to accidents and injuries, and a workforce that clearly understands how to protect itself, its colleagues and its customers at work.

That’s why one of the UK’s largest health and safety awarding bodies has been extremely impressed with our high standards of work. It’s also why our steadily growing clientele now includes some of the most well recognised brand names in the UK.

How did we do it?

Traffic Marshal helps people develop the skills, knowledge and expertise they need to carry out their roles in line with the health and safety regulations every workplace must follow. We help you to reduce workplace accidents among both staff and customers by adhering to a number key ethics.

A background in training management

Our two founders come from a background in designing and delivering training programmes. One of our founders worked as an operations manager for a large health and safety training provider for five years; the other delivered first aid and security training for 17 years and oversaw crowd control at companies such as West Ham and QPR.

With a combined total of over 20 years experience in the training industry both are passionate about safety training and know it inside out.

A teaching and learning pedagogy for today’s learner

Our background experience provides the expertise we need both to design and deliver first class training. We use innovative classroom technologies to help today’s workers fully engage with the learning on offer. We consider multiple learning styles so courses are accessible to those with different learning needs. We use tests and experiential exercises to ensure learners achieve the course outcomes. Courses are fully accredited and can be delivered on our own premises or in a workplace setting.

A Vision Statement that’s followed

Our vision is to become the provider of choice for health and safety training and support services for the construction industries and the public and private sectors.

But we haven’t created this vision statement and left it languishing in a drawer somewhere. Our vision drives everything we do, from the very first conversation we have when you get in touch to the way we deliver our courses to how we use the feedback we gather from learners. We value the feedback we receive, and use it to look for ways to improve and add greater value to the training we provide.

A single and clear mission

We have a single aim: to help make your workplace safer. Our mission is to help you to do this through nationally recognised quality training at realistic fees, using highly trained and established trainers. We aim to provide value-for-money training that works.

A commitment to every client

We prize the relationships we establish with each client, and work hard to create relationships that are long lasting and mutually beneficial. We want to deliver the type of health and safety training that contributes to your business objectives: that reduces costs, achieves sector compliance, decreases staff turnover and improves the flow of business operations throughout the company.

And last, but not least, a commitment to every learner

Wherever there is a need for awareness of health and safety at work we will instil the confidence and practical skills people need to deliver it. We get people back into work and help people start new careers. We provide equal opportunities to people from all backgrounds and of all abilities so every individual can develop his or her work skills. We believe passionately in the benefits that lifelong learning brings to individual leaners and to their workplaces.

We guess that’s why in such a relatively short space of time we’ve quickly built a reputation for excellence, professionalism and results.

We invite you to work with us.


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    6000 Plus

    We have officially trained more than 6000+ Traffic Banksman/ Marshals.

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    98% Pass Rate

    We have a 98% pass rate.

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    Industry Leaders

    We are industry leaders, please see some of our clients.

Client Testimonials

  • “I thought I would forward this email to you. As a rule the only feedback we get back from clients are problems and rarely anything to do with safety so it is nice to see this come from one of our major clients as part of their 100% SAFE campaign with regards to a temporary worker placed in Welwyn. I booked this candidate on your course in February this year. Thank you for all of your support over the past couple of years with regards to our training requirements.”

    Training Services Co-ordinator, Randstad CPE Ltd

  • “Thanks for your help with [Traffic Marshal training] at short notice over the weekend. I was very impressed with the speed and professionalism that my need was dealt with by Future Training 4 Jobs.”

    Health & Safety Manager, Clacton, Essex

  • “I previously done the traffic marshal and first aid course with you. I was very impressed with the way you explained everything in the course. You really made me want to move forward in my job role and I’m applying for traffic marshal jobs now. Thank you for your help.”

    Past candidate

  • “About the traffic marshal course. Thanks, I must say, very good service. Cheers.”

    Area Manager, Central London, 3dpersonnel

  • “Finally, can I add that I have been using FT4Jobs for some time now and I am very impressed with the service, courtesy and success that I received. Thank you so much for this.”

    The John Gregory Organisation, Managing Partner , Kent

  • ‘Just to let you know that we received a very positive feedback from our delegates for the Traffic marshal training. They were quite impressed with the practical session. Also they liked how the trainer involved them in discussion in the theory session. So, well done!!!’

    Training & Development Manager, Pilon

  • They all raved about the course which is great!

    Ixion Skills Centre Operations Director